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I have been fascinated with the Virgin Islands since I was a child. We kept postponing a trip there because we knew it would be more expensive than our usual trips and ultimately decided it wasn’t going to get any cheaper! We ended up visiting the spring following hurricanes Irma and Maria so keep that in mind as you read about our trip. Many places were closed or damaged and many schedules disrupted. We still had a wonderful time and found the islands relaxed and beautiful. And we have never had so many people thank us for being on vacation!

Food & Beverage $68 per day

Average per person per day, not including any meals furnished as part of a tour. We ate all meals out except breakfast.

Lodging $117-$223 per night

We typically try to keep lodging to less than $100 per night if we can. That was not possible in the Virgin Islands while still having a private bath.

Transportation $617 per person

Includes our flight from St Croix to St Thomas, ferries, taxis, and rental cars for 10 days.

Entertainment $108 per person

Big Beard's snorkeling trip to Buck Island and entrance to The Baths on Virgin Gorda.

Days 1-3: St Croix, US Virgin Islands

The Plan: The key draw was snorkeling at Buck Island. We also thought we’d briefly check out the island to see if we wanted to return and spend more time.

The Reality: We did go to Buck Island and it was good snorkeling. St Croix was not what I expected. More rural, less scenic. But we were there post hurricane so it’s hard to tell.    

  • Buck Island snorkeling
  • Christiansted
  • St George village
  • Cruzan Rum distillery
  • Sandy Point Wildlife Refuge +

Days 4-9: St John, US Virgin Islands

The Plan: I’ve been fascinated by St John for years. We almost went there on our honeymoon. We knew our focus would be on the national park beaches and hikes. 

The Reality: It was everything we hoped for. I don’t know what it’s like when the big swanky resorts are open, but it was very relaxed and low key. 

  • Hiking Lind Point
  • Hiking Ram Head
  • Snorkeling at Trunk Bay
  • Volunteering at the national park +

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Days 10-13: Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

The Plan: We went to Virgin Gorda for the Baths, and to hike Gorda Peak. 

The Reality: The Baths alone were worth the trip. Hiking the peak was anticlimactic without the views from the top.  

  • The Baths
  • Hiking Gorda Peak
  • Touring the island by car

Related Posts: The first post describes daily activities and the destination. Other posts cover anything that generated lots of photos!

Days 14-16: Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands

The Plan: We went to hang out at White Bay in particular, and at a tiny laid back island in general.

The Reality: Check and check. Just an utterly relaxing and unfussed place to be. There isn’t a whole lot to do, but we didn’t want a whole lot to do! 

  • Hanging out at White Bay
  • Helping our host with repairs +

Days 17-18: St Thomas, US Virgin Islands

The Plan: We only went there because we flew home from there and didn’t want complicated connections the day we flew.

The Reality: Easiest trip to the airport ever: just walk around the corner. And it was a pleasant place to spend a day or two. 

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Christmas Ornaments

We buy “Christmas ornaments” on each trip. (They aren’t always ornaments.) The donkey represents the wild donkeys on St John. The coaster is from the great little bar/restaurant/B&B we stayed at on Jost.