Our one street over philosophy was born on our first real road trip together, in San Francisco’s Chinatown. We walked through the Dragon Gate and up the main street. And noticed that everyone kind of looked like us, and all the businesses seemed to be aimed at tourists, like us. 

So we said, “Why don’t we go one street over and see what it looks like?” And there it was. Ducks hanging in windows. Live fish swimming in buckets. Fewer people who looked like us. 

We’ve been following that one street over philosophy for over 20 years. Our first international travel experiences were all-inclusive resorts. (Foreign country, yet designed for easy access.) Then we went to England and Scotland. (Our native language, sort of.) Then to Greece. (Don’t speak the language, but one of us had been there before. And it’s still Catherine’s favorite place to travel.) Then other places where we know the language. (Costa Rica, Puerto Rico) And each trip we try new experiences – snorkeling in Mexico, ziplining in Costa Rica, flying via seaplane in the Virgin Islands. And new foods. 

We’re budget travelers, though we don’t set ourselves a budget. Rather, we try to save where it makes sense to us and spend on things we value. 

  • Timing: We try to travel during the shoulder season. Less crowds and less money, yet still decent weather. Most of our travel has been within the constraints of a two week vacation, though we are sometimes able to get away for more time, and as we get closer to retirement, we hope that happens more often!
  • Getting there and getting around: We fly coach, and try to avoid renting a car whenever possible, using public transport instead.
  • Sleeping: Having our own bathroom is essential. A TV? Not so much. If it’s safe, comfortable, and everything works, we’re good. We prefer a location that’s walkable to bars and restaurants, ideally with someplace outside to sit, since our idea of nightlife is a quiet drink (or few!) while we reminisce about the day. 
  • Eating: Trying local food – and local beer – is part of the experience for us. We save money by sourcing breakfast and lunch from the grocery store and eating dinner out, or having a late lunch or early dinner when lower lunch prices are available. 
  • Playing: We enjoy walking and hiking, taking in nature and wildlife, or architecture and culture. Travel for us is more about taking in the local atmosphere, less about thrill seeking. 

What you’ll see on this website

One of our reasons for creating this site was to share our travel experiences with family and friends. (And anyone else who’s interested!) So you’ll see posts and photos related to our past trips. Lots of photos. Steve loves to take photos. 

You’ll also see information about planning for future trips. We enjoy researching and planning trips ALMOST as much as we enjoy taking trips. We’ll share our planning process and planning for actual trips through blog posts and trip pages, and because we learn something new each time we travel, we’ll share how our plans compared to reality, and what we learned. We’ll also share resources and products we use. 

We started with our trip to Australia and New Zealand in 2019, and we’re working forward and backward from there.

This may be the closest thing to a selfie you ever see on this site.