Buck Island Snorkeling

A full day snorkeling excursion to Buck Island with Big Beard's.

There were only seven of us on the trip to Buck Island with Big Beard’s, so we went by powerboat, not sailboat. Besides us, there were couples from Montana and California, and another guy from California. We had a great two-man crew, Gabe and Tommy. Our first stop was the beach at Buck Island, where we had an opportunity to see sea turtles. Then we anchored over by the reef. We got to swim through the reef with the guide. I wouldn’t want to try it on my own without knowing where the navigable gaps were. We saw a similar variety of fish to Hawaii, though not as concentrated, and more varieties of coral. Everyone must wear a snorkel vest to help prevent people from standing on the coral to rest.

Please use reef safe sunscreen

Or wear a rashguard.
Help save the reefs.

After snorkeling, we stopped at a beach on St Croix for lunch. Really good food. Hot dogs, burgers, mahi, and an assortment of chips. Also good local hot sauces. We tried a dill sauce with hot dog, a garlic hot sauce with burger, and a coconut hot sauce with fish. Good rum punch too. Then we detoured to the marina to check out iguanas in the trees before returning to the dock.