January-February 2023 | 28 days

After a few years of green and wet tropical destinations, we thought we’d try more dry and desert-like islands. We also looked forward to experiencing Dutch-influenced islands rather than English or Spanish. And we enjoy snorkeling from shore, which is possible on all three islands. 

Bonaire was beautiful though there isn’t much to do if you don’t scuba dive; still glad we went. We liked the beaches on Aruba though it seemed the most crowded, perhaps because of where we stayed. We loved Curaçao and can see returning and spending even longer. 

Other recent trips

castle walls from tower

North Wales and the Lake District

September-October 2022 | 34 days ◆ On our first trip to Great Britain we hit many of the typical highlights. This trip was more about walking and nature; villages and small towns. (And castles.) We balanced that with a week of more cultural and entertainment pursuits in London.

a room with a view


March-April 2022 | 25 days ◆ We finally got to take our trip to Spain that was cancelled due to COVID the day before we were supposed to leave in March 2020. So a two year delay. We loved the architecture, which was our main theme. So much of it and so interesting. 

hanging sloth

Costa Rica Coast-to-Coast

January-February 2022 | 27 days ◆ COVID-19 was still disrupting travel plans and causing stress so we decided to return to a country we’ve been to before that was open to travelers. We may have found our ideal Costa Rica itinerary: wildlife viewing sandwiched in between beach time. 

view from beach to village and acropolis

Greece: Cyclades and Rhodes

September-October 2021 | 31 days ◆ This was our second trip to Greece. We hit Rhodes first before heading and our favorite beach town (Perissa) for a relaxing end to our trip, with some of the less commonly visited Cyclades Islands in between. It was a great mix of the old buildings, charming villages, beaches, and walking.

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