September-October 2023 | 36 days

We planned this trip to include a balance of city art and architecture and natural beauty and walking. We also tried to intersperse locations with intense sightseeing with more relaxed destinations. We achieved both.

We saw a lot and did not feel rushed. One pleasant surprise: the food! We like Italian food so we didn’t expect to starve but had no idea every meal would be so delicious. We didn’t have a bad meal the whole trip. I would go back to Italy just to eat. (Not that there isn’t more to see.)

Other recent trips

Tunnel View

Yosemite Road Trip

April-May 2023 | 32 days ◆ Yosemite National Park was a bucket list item that included hiking, so we wanted to do it sooner than later. King's Canyon and Sequoia National Parks are nearby, as is Mono Lake so we visited those too. Record snow in the Sierra Nevada meant that many things we planned to do or see were still closed in May.


Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao

January-February 2023 | 28 days ◆ Bonaire was beautiful though there isn’t much to do if you don’t scuba dive; still glad we went. We liked the beaches on Aruba though it seemed the most crowded. We loved Curaçao and can see returning and spending more time. 

castle walls from tower

North Wales and the Lake District

September-October 2022 | 34 days ◆ On our first trip to Great Britain we hit many of the typical highlights. This trip was more about walking and nature; villages and small towns. (And castles.) We balanced that with a week of more cultural and entertainment pursuits in London.

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