Walk Catbells Terrace

We opted for the easier Catbells terrace walk rather than trying to make the summit. I don't know how good the view is at the top, but it was beautiful where we were.

Once we got to Catbells we decided there was no way we were going to make the summit especially since there was a chance of rain later that afternoon and we didn’t want to get caught on the mountain in the rain. So we opted to take the terrace trail which wasn’t as high and had some really nice views over Derwentwater. The only thing we missed was the view into the next valley.

We took the launch across the lake to the trailhead, since we wanted to take a boat ride anyway. This dog enjoyed the boat too. 

The terrace path starts opposite the lake — at the same point that the summit trail begins — then wraps around. It parallels the road. We wouldn’t have known about this trail if our host hadn’t mentioned it. 

The view doesn’t change much as you walk but it’s still endlessly fascinating. We didn’t miss not going to the summit. 

view of trail