Walk Castlehead and Friar’s Crag

Castlehead and Friar's Crag offered great views right on the edge of Keswick. Some effort was involved with Castlehead but not a lot of time.

Both Castlehead and Friar’s Crag are right near town. Castlehead was a little steep especially at the end and there was a little bit of rock scrambling but it was worth it for the views.

circle showing what you are looking at
A plinth at the top explains what you are seeing.

It was sometimes challenging to figure out exactly where the path was in all the leaves under the trees, but it didn’t much matter. Once you crossed over the road near Friar’s Crag it was much easier to see. 

sun on mountains
We loved the way the sun hit this slope. Some of the colors in this area reminded us of Hawaii. The weather, not so much. Though we did have good weather for walking.

The walk from Castlehead to Friar’s Crag goes along the shore of Derwent Water.

Friar’s Crag is much easier (it’s basically flat and paved) and had almost as good a view so you could just do that one and skip the effort.

mountains through trees
The weather nicely highlighted Borrowdale on the opposite side of the lake.