Llandudno Beaches

Llandudno has some pretty beaches, though it wasn't exactly beach weather when we were there. Beach walking weather, not beach sitting weather. I imagine the mood is very different on a sunny summer day.

On our first full day in town we walked along North Coast Beach, the one right downtown.

It’s a long and wide beach, with a wide paved area for easy walking and lots of benches. The other side of the street is lined with hotels. Quintessential British beach town. 

The pier was about what I expected. Trashy little shops and silly little rides. But it was a nice walk.

The jelly fish were not expected. I thought they liked warmer water. Steve looked it up and apparently this is warmer water this time of year. They were pretty big and kind of looked like sideways floating hot air balloons or something. And also kind of like those stupid frozen red white and blue rocket pops. We’re pretty sure this is the same kind we saw washed up on a beach

the Great Orme
Seeing the Great Orme from the pier, you kind of understand why someone thought it looked like a giant serpent.

On our second day we walked over to West Coast Beach, the quieter of the two. It’s also more wild than the North Coast Beach. There wasn’t much there other than some restrooms which appeared to be closed. There was one person swimming with a buoy and we saw signs for different kinds of kite surfing and such although we didn’t see anyone kite surfing. Also something about kite buggies? I did see a guy carrying some equipment on the walk home that looked like it could be a kite board or something.