The Great Orme

The Great Orme has wide views of the north coast of Wales and space to wander. We also got to see a sheep dog working.

We thought about taking the cable car up the Great Orme and the tram down but our hosts said they stop running the cable cars if there’s the least breath of wind and it would cost twice as much. So we decided to just take the tram both ways. Plus the tram stop was right down the street. It was a pleasant enough tram ride. You need to change trains halfway up the hill. 

There are activities at the top, like mini golf, and a café. We were there for the views. 

At the top we walked around a little bit and watched a herding dog doing its job with the sheep down in the valley. We also got some nice views from up there. Steve also got some nice pictures of a crow that conveniently sat on a fence post and on the ground near where we were standing like forever.

We were fortunate to have not just good weather, but dramatic skies that day.