We stayed in Carlisle just to catch the Settle-Carlisle train but we enjoyed the castle and cathedral while we were there. A rail strike added an unplanned day here but also meant we didn't have to go out in the rain.

Day 1: Keswick to Carlisle

This was our first day with real rain issues. We walked to and waited for the bus in the rain and it continued through most of the afternoon. So we took a day off. Then we went to Brew Dog for beer. They do co-working, which is interesting.

We had dinner at The Last Zebra. We are back in civilization. Loud dance music and lots of girls dressed up for each other. (Saw my first tube top in years. With a camo fake fur jacket.) Steve’s burger and my North Indian lamb chops with gunpowder potatoes were great. And my meal was huge.

We did learn that our rain ponchos do a decent job of keeping us and our luggage dry. And are just as much fun in the wind as you would expect.

building mural
We know this place! This mural downtown is of Buttermere, where we hiked yesterday.

Day 2: Carlisle Castle and Cathedral

We had a bonus day today thanks to a rail strike that delayed onward travel until tomorrow. So we took it easy and left about noon to go see the major sites in Carlisle: the castle and the cathedral.

cannons on wall
Cannons on the castle wall.

The castle was fine if a little musty. After that we headed for the cathedral, skipping the Tullie house museum which we just weren’t in the mood for.

ruined arch
Ruined arch outside the cathedral.

After a rest break at our room we went back to the Brew Dog pub for more Hazy Jane and Black Heart Stout, along with some great pizza. The loud rock and roll music was much better than the loud disco music the night before. We’re in an urban setting now.


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We stayed at Rosalind House. It’s very near the train and bus stations as well as restaurants and sights. Pancakes were available for breakfast and they were nice and fluffy. Our host was kind enough to let us check in early and stay another night when a rail strike delayed our departure. The room was nice and spacious. 


We ate at The Last Zebra and had pizza at the Brew Dog pub. We liked them both though we liked the musical selection at the Brew Dog better. If the music’s loud, make it rock and roll. 


Carlisle is easily walkable. We brought the #554 bus from Keswick and took the scenic Settle-Carlisle train out of town.