The Victoria & Albert Museum

I like the V&A for it's kind of miscellaneous and beautifully presented collection of everyday things like furniture, clothes, and dishes.

I remember the clothing display at the V&A being more of a jumble. Maybe they’ve redone it. Maybe it’s just my memory. It’s still fun to see how fashion has changed over the years. 

clothing display

I want this beautiful fireplace in my house. But first I need a house that would do it justice. And I could never actually light a fire in it. 

tile fireplace

The stained glass section has glass that wasn’t your usual. Skull and crossbones?

Both of these are examples of micro mosiacs. Each is made up of tiny tiles about the width of a toothpick. Can’t imagine the painstaking effort to create these. 

There was a temporary display of more modern design. The table of scraps looks like something Steve might make out of leftovers. Though we have nothing that scrappy.

There’s lot of interesting furniture to admire. The tree that table was made from must have been massive. 

This wooden room was pulled from a house and reassembled here. 

I was looking forward to William Morris designs. There wasn’t a ton but I got my fix.

William Morris items