Tasmanian Coast Cruise

The cliffs and caves of Tasmania's coast are spectacular and a boat trip is a great way to experience them.

Our boat trip with Pennicott Wilderness Journeys was about three hours on the water, around a large bay and down the coast. 

The towering cliffs are the tallest in the Southern Hemisphere and the boat is able to get right up next to them.

We were able to pull into the caves to see them from the inside.

We saw lots of albatross and learned that where you see them there is often other wildlife. Dolphins and seals force the fish upward, which attracts the birds. 

A pod of dolphins played around the boat for quite a while. 

The coastline is quite dramatic as is Tasman Island. A family actually lived in that lighthouse. 

The dolphins, seals, and seabirds were a bonus! The boat trip was pretty calm and warm since it was 100° that day. Good day to be on the water! The staff on the boat was informative and humorous.