Mule Ears Spring Hike

This hike is about the journey, not the destination. Gorgeous desert scenery. Little shade. Good thing it was cool the day we hiked.

It’s a steady rolling trail with a few steps and some flat sections. There’s no view of the ears from the end; you can get a good look at them right from the overlook.

The rock corral just before the spring and the spring itself were moderately interesting.

For us it was about the desert scenery along the way. There was a team was working on the trail the day we hiked. 

There’s little if any shade until you get to the spring. Below are some of the cactus and other desert plants we saw along the trail. It was windy and mid-50s the day we hiked so it wasn’t an issue.

As you approach the trailhead on the way back you can see Santa Elena Canyon in the distance.