Chipping Campden

We picked this Cotswold village for the thatched roof cottages and were not disappointed. Wonderful thatching and gardens.

Day 1:

Breakfast this morning was sausage (not the best, but not bad), bacon, egg, mushrooms, tomatos, beans, a hashbrown smiley, toast, juice, coffee.

We took the bus to Chipping Campden getting dropped off near B&B. This is one reason I like trains: they have stations so it’s easier to figure out when to get off! We arrived just as others were leaving. We took a nice walk through the old village to view the thatched cottages.

Then we headed off through the fields to top of a hill. (The Hoo and Dover’s Hill.) We walked between hedgerows going up and through a field coming back down. There are panoramic views from the top and a stone pedestal explains what you see from that spot. We also saw LOTS of sheep – and their droppings! The sheep do move out of your way when you get into their comfort zone but will take over the path again when you clear out. 

Back in town we hit the Eight Bells for Hooky Norton and Jouster in the lovely beer garden. We also arranged bikes for tomorrow. We’re going to Hidcote Manor Garden and it’s a little too far to walk and a little too close to take the bus. So we’re going to try riding bikes for the first time in decades.

We went back to Eight Bells for drinks after a nap and shower, for Old Rosie scrumpy first, then Jouster. Then to Maharaja Indian for dinner. I have been looking forward to Indian food, which is hard to find at home. Venison kurma for Steve, chicken madras for me, garlic naan (!) and rice. Also pappadoms and chutneys which we didn’t order, but were good. They gave us a small discount since they couldn’t take our swipe credit card, which was nice of them.

Day 2:

Breakfast is at a communal table; we ate this morning with others from the USA. Juices, coffee, egg, bacon, sausage, tomato, mushroom, black sausage, toast. Very tasty; and and a choice of items. We tried a cereal similar to what we eat at home and fruit. We got chatting with Sally, our host, and almost had  to run to pick up the bikes. She told us about the house. It was built in 1921 for war veterans and buying it was “The Chance” for them. He changed jobs. They’re trying to build a cottage in Chipping Campden it took two and a half years to get planning permission.

Our bike ride to Hidcote Manor Garden was little rough at first since we started right out in town traffic. We walked our bikes up a couple of hills because those muscles just aren’t there. The roads are narrow and the shoulders rough. It’s a good thing the drivers are used to bikes! It took us about an hour by bike. It should have been 20 minutes according to Google Maps, just over three miles. The bikes were £10 each, including helmets (which neither of us has ever worn, since we’re old), vests, lock, maps …

It was a bit confusing returning the bikes. We went to the Red Lion and drank Olde Trip amongst Germans. The beer was just okay and the beer garden looked better from the street than up close.

So tonight it was back to Eight Bells for Jouster (Steve) and Purity Pure Gold for me. And dinner. Most restaurants have similar prices here. Dinner was good but a bit frustrating. Chatty Canadians slowed things down. Steve had a lamb burger – a bit dry. I had a lamb tagine. Interesting flavor. Duck stirfry starter was good. Couldn’t fit in sticky toffee pudding, though we wanted to!


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This was the best B&B of our trip and they were all great, so that’s saying something! Sadly they have closed. 


Eight Bells
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Two pleasant beer gardens to choose from and great atmosphere inside the pub; very friendly and welcoming. The lamb burger was a bit dry but otherwise tasty; an interesting Moroccan inspired tagine. The duck stirfry starter was great.
Maharaja Indian Cuisine
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We were surprised to find a nice restaurant rather than a diner attached to a pub. Naan itself is wonderful. Garlic? Heaven! Venison korma and chicken madras both great. The chutneys and poppadom brought to the table were not free, which surprised us.


We walked everywhere in the village. There are busses though perhaps not frequent.