Salt Lake City

We've been to southern Utah but not Salt Lake City, so we made that a stopover on our way home.

Day 1: Mammoth Lakes to Salt Lake City

Another long day of driving today, nearly 9 hours. We saw a coyote, pronghorns, and free range horses and cows. And more mountains than I thought Nevada had. There was little traffic, few gas stations, easy directions, and long stretches of straight road. No overly twisty mountain roads today.

snowcapped mountains
We liked the stripey mountains.

We saw some dramatic storms and detoured to the Bonneville Salt Flats on our way to Salt Lake. 

Day 2: Walking Downtown Salt Lake City

We walked to Temple Square today. The temple itself was being renovated and was covered with scaffolding. We did see the outside of the tabernacle and the assembly house. The local Mormons were really friendly. I’m sure they were just dying to uh, discuss religious beliefs. We left quickly.

We made a quick stop at Nordstrom where they had some interesting art in the lobby. The large vase? is made from bottlecaps. 

Then Blue Iguana for margaritas and Mexican food.

Day 3: Lounging

We’d originally planned to drive over to Park City today but decided we just weren’t feeling it and that we could stop by on the way out of town tomorrow if we wanted. We ended up going back to Blue Iguana to eat since we enjoyed it so much yesterday. We though the entrance was fun and unique.


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Little America is large complex in a good downtown location with both high- and low-rise buildings. Our room was comfortable and traditional. We had to ask for additional coffee at the front desk but that was only a minor hassle. They were happy to do it.  


We ate at The Coffee Shop at Little America. Kind of an upscale version of a coffee shop. We both had the turkey dinner that included salad, roll, turkey, potatoes, gravy, dressing, veggies, and ice cream. For $24. We were very full; it was the kind of meal that appealed to us that day. The other two days we ate at the Blue Iguana, sampling the shredded beef burrito, negro mole pork chops, and enchiladas. the shredded beef burrito was excellent and I will eat mole negro any chance I can get it!


Once we got to Salt Lake City we were able to walk everywhere we wanted to go. There’s a free trolley but we didn’t need it.