Kokee is at the end of the road above Waimea Canyon. It's almost full circle from the entrance to Na Pali Coast State Park and you can look down at the coast.
We drove up there to attempt the Pihea-Alakai Swamp trail. The Pihea trail was messy and slippery so we only went about 3/4 of a mile in. We saw lots of people coming back with muddy legs and butts. One girl was carrying her flip flops. Plus there were clouds so we weren’t sure we would see anything at overlooks along the trail. And yes it heads toward one of the wettest spots on earth. (Which you can fly into in a helicopter if you’re lucky.)

Even if you don’t hike there’s an overlook into the Kalalau Valley that’s worth the trip.

We even caught a rainbow down in the valley.

You can also see the observatory, the Pihea trail, and a waterfall. And since you’re at cloud-height you can watch the clouds roll across and down the mountains.