Hidden Lake Overlook Hike

The Hidden Lake Overlook trail is a beautiful and easy hike through alpine meadows to a small pond and a ... hidden lake.

As with the Highline trail, which also starts at Logan Pass, it’s hard to get a parking space for this hike. We did both on the same day to save getting up at 5:00 to get a space. (The Current Conditions page on the park website and the Logan Pass webcam are good resources for timing your visit.) We did the first mile or so on the Highline trail first. On that trail, we met two women who had done the Hidden Lake Overlook trail a couple of days ago and had a grizzly bear follow them for a while. Oh, charming!

We still gave it a try. Most trails in the park had bear notices up. This one had been closed for a couple of days due to bear activity. Armed with our bear spray, we headed out. 

Even though they start at the same place, this hike is very different from the Highline hike. The Hidden Lake Overlook hike is mostly across an alpine meadow. Much of the trail is boardwalk and there are lots of stairs though not any long stretches of stairs. The views of the surrounding mountains and glaciers changes as you continue down the trail. 

As you get closer to the overlook there’s a small waterfall and bridge near the trail.

And around that corner is a small pond. 

There are many streams draining into the small valleys nearby.

We didn’t make it all the way to the overlook. We were pretty close but didn’t know that. And I was tired. And freaked out about the bear possibilities. These photos taken on the way back show the trail well. It’s a steady uphill climb on the way out but the trail is wide and it’s easy to stop and rest. 

The Hidden Lake Overlook is a popular trail. We had plenty of company while we were hiking but never felt crowded or rushed.