Window Trail Hike

The Window trail at Big Bend is a beautiful hike even if you don't go all the way to the trail's end. Beware the uphill coming back!

We like trails that go uphill first so you get the strenuous part done. This trail is the opposite: downhill to the trail’s end at the Window and aaaalllll uphill coming back. It’s a pretty hike even if you don’t go to the window at the end, with views of the surrounding mountains and some wooded sections.

We were there in January so there was snow and ice on the trail in spots. 

The very end of the trail leading to the window — which is more of a slot — is rocky with lots of steps cut into the stone and some rock scrambling. I quit after falling in a stream. Steve went all the way to the end. There’s a small gully that you sit in to look out the window. The sides were slippery so he got a hand getting out.

Climbing back uphill just as awful as we thought it would be. The scenery made it worth the effort.

We saw Mexican jays and a cat on a leash. That was a first on the trail. Traffic on the trail was steady. Not enough to be annoying.