St Augustine

St Augustine certainly didn't make up for not visiting Spain, but it did make for a nice afternoon of wandering around, even though everything was closed.

Our original plan B was to spend two weeks in Florida, one on gulf coast at Fort Myers Beach and one on the Atlantic coast split between Cocoa Beach and St Augustine. When our beach time got cut short because they closed the beaches, we switched to a single night in St Augustine, to break up the drive from Fort Myers to the start of the Blue Ridge in North Carolina. 

We got some tips from my brother before we left. When we showed him these photos he said: “omg there’s no one there!” Apparently it’s usually a bit busier than this. I guess closing restaurants and bars will do that to a tourist area. That’s our hotel by the way, with our truck the only vehicle visible. It looked there may have been a half-dozen rooms occupied. They still had plenty of food for the hot breakfast. In fact the server said she asked the cook who all he was cooking for! 


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Close to downtown and the highway. And Hazel’s Hot Dogs, which was closed. Friendly staff and an outstanding hot breakfast included. 


Five Star Pizza
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Pretty good delivery pizza, easy to order, efficient delivery.


The hotel offered a shuttle to downtown and there was also a trolley.