Yellowstone Day 1

Today's itinerary starts at Old Faithful and goes to Norris. (The southwest quadrant.)

Our first full day at Yellowstone. The park is not very busy. People around, but no huge crowds. We carefully planned our four days here because it’s a large park with lots to see and we also want to do some hiking. 

Our favorites today: Old Faithful, the Daisy geyser, Grand Prismatic Spring, Artist Paint Pots (Steve) and Fountain Paint Pots (me). The one at Artist Paintpots that spit mud was especially entertaining. Here are photos from today, starting at Old Faithful.

Lots of walking just taking in the sights. Did not end up doing Norris because I was exhausted and it was 6:15 PM by then. Plus it was getting so all the geysers and springs just looked the same.

We lost time on smaller areas, but enjoyed them. In addition to our planned itinerary, we went to Firehole Canyon Drive, Beryl Spring, Artist Paintpots, and Gibbon Falls. Plus stops for wildlife. We saw mule deer while looking at geysers.

Temperatures today in the upper 60s. We had flannel shirts on, then off, then on again after the wind picked up. Steve’s new hat works great, it stays on even in high wind. Others were not so lucky. We saw six incidents of hat pollution in thermal features.


Our room at Canyon Lodge and Cabins is basic but fine. Kind of like motel camping. We’re just happy we found a place inside the park. Stay in the park if you can. It’s pricey but saves a lot of time.


We had dinner last night at the Canyon dining room, which was okay but overpriced. Tonight we ate at the Canyon cafeteria, which we found overall a better deal than the dining room. 


Unless the park introduces shuttles you really need a car here.

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