Wat Phra Singh

This was our first Thai temple and one of the most pleasant to visit, with beautiful grounds. 

Wat Phra Singh, Wat Chedi Luang, and Wat Phan Tao are near each other so we visited all three on our first walk around town. 

We thought the creatures guarding the entrance were dragons but they’re more like snakes. Then there was the reclining cat near the reclining buddha “guarding” the entrance.

The interior is open and airy. Portraits of the Thai royal family are everywhere in Thailand. 

A temple typically has multiple buildings. 

The interiors tend to be more plain than the exteriors. We saw a rare example of wallpaper? A mural? When the gongs sound you feel it more than hear it. 

Some photos of the lovely grounds, including two women wearing traditional Thai dress. We saw several people who looked like they were dressed for photo shoots, and places offering costumes for hire. 

The buddha in the red building is famous. The monk statues (yes, they’re statues) are so lifelike Steve thought they were real. Kind of the opposite of his experience with the purple guy in York