Wat Phra Kaeo & the Grand Palace

Wat Phra Kaeo is a kaleidoscope of color and detail that even throngs of tourists can't overshadow.

Wat Phra Kaeo, also known as the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, is within the Grand Palace. Both temple and palace are collections of buildings. One ticket grants entry to the entire complex. You go through the temple first, then past the Grand Palace buildings. We saw signs saying exit to the Grand Palace and were trying to find the palace before we left, not realizing that meant “exit from the temple to the Grand Palace, and then out.”

Anyway, the temple is a maze of colorful buildings. And lots of people. We bought tickets online with an entry time of 10:30AM. 

The main temple building is gloriously colorful and detailed, and sparkly. You must remove your shoes to enter and see the emerald buddha for which the temple is named. 

Gates within the temple are guarded by giants. They’re all different and each of these has a name. 

This (relatively) simple white building was a relief and counterpoint to all the colors. 

We did not make it to Angkor Wat this trip but we did get to see this scale model of it here. 

The temple area is not only crowded but also hot. It was nice to get some shade while in this muraled gallery. 

Here are some examples of mythological creatures and other statues. 

The Grand Palace area was much more open. You exit from the Palace onto the river. (There may be other exits we didn’t see.)

Here’s a finale trio of images from the palace complex.