Wat Pho

The reclining buddha is the highlight of Wat Pho but the rest of the complex is interesting and wasn't nearly as crowded as the Grand Palace.

The reclining buddha is what fo’ you go to Wat Pho. (Okay, bad pun and it’s actually pronounced Wat Po.) But this is the big draw here. The reclining buddha is enormous. There is an entry fee for Wat Pho and it must be paid in cash. 

reclining buddha feet soles
Even the soles of the feet are ornate.

This is what it’s actually like to visit. People shoulder to shoulder all the way along the statue. The hand waving from the front of the crowd? That’s Steve braving the horde to take photos. I was standing back by one of the fans that provided a welcome breeze. 

The back side of the buddha is not nearly as crowded. 

Nor is the rest of the temple complex. 

We saw different human and creature statues here. I swear the one bottom right is a leprechaun. 

The gallery on left holds a row of buddha images, shown in the other two photos. 

Here are two more buddhas, one in what I believe was with ordination hall. The other is the only standing buddha I recall seeing.