Wat Chedi Luang & Wat Phan Tao

These two temples are next door to each other, so easy to visit at the same time.

The two temples are also near Wat Phra Singh. It’s easy to visit all three in a day. 

Wat Phan Tao is famous for being made of teak. The dark wood makes the interior darker than many other temple buildings. 

buddha inside temple

Wat Chedi Luang has the city tree and a large ruined chedi that isn’t visible from the road. 

It also has a “men only” building. Fine. So Steve went in and took photos.

The ruined chedi is the big draw and is impressive. 

Stairs are guarded by multiple naga heads and there are elephants higher up. Also buddhas tucked into the niches. 

Here are some of the other buildings at the temple. 

One of the other buildings holds a reclining buddha and the only chubby buddha we saw. In the photo bottom right you can see gold from the roof finials reflecting on the roof.