Waimea Canyon

The Na Pali coast might be more recognizable from the movies but Waimea Canyon is equally beautiful. And a lot easier to get to. 

We drove through Waimea Canyon twice while hiking. Even if you don’t hike it’s worth the scenic drive and overlooks. From some vantage points, you can see the ocean.

Waipoo Falls is one of the canyon’s landmarks. You can see it from several spots as you drive through the canyon. The bright red-orange ridge in the last two photos is on the Waipoo Falls trail. It goes past the top of the falls though ironically you can’t see the falls from the trail. (There is another beautiful waterfall and the trail has great canyon views.)

Here are two more of the amazing views.

At the lower end of the canyon we stopped in an otherworldly area where a waterfall ran through red dirt, forming small pools and streams at the base. 

One of the ever-present Kauai chickens wanted to come home with us. Or maybe he was just after our lunch …

chicken that wants to get in the car