Villa Borghese

We read "If you only have time for one art gallery in Rome, make it this one." So we did. Plus the Vatican Museums.

Villa Borghese was literally an outlier; it wasn’t near any other sights we planned on. So we plotted a route that took us past the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps. It was a pleasant though long walk, ending in a park with bikes and pedal cars to rent.

Tickets are for two hours and you must check bags and water bottles at the door. While we were there someone lost their bag check tag, which held up the line for a while.

park surrounding villa

The villa is another gorgeous building filled with gorgeous art. Not all the art is serious; we liked the statue of the boy removing a thorn from his foot.

The Rape of Proserpine is one of the first sculptures you see.

Besides statues there were a number of busts, furniture, and floor mosaics.

Lots of ceiling details too.

Napoleon’s sister posed as Venus. And here’s another statue of David, this one by Bernini.

Apollo and Daphne was the finale. This one was my favorite.