Via dell’Amore

The Via dell' Amore is partially reopen and we were able to tour it. It's a beautiful and easy walk from Riomaggiore.

The Via dell’Amore has been closed since it was first damaged by a landslide in 2012. It’s being rebuilt and part of it, starting in Riomaggiore, is open again. Locals can visit for free. Visitors must book a 30-minute timeslot for €5 and tour it with a guide. We booked our spot online as soon as I heard it had reopened. It’s totally worth it. 

The walk begins and ends in Riomaggiore for now, with plans to continue the trail to Manarola as it once was. It’s an easy, flat stroll along a concrete pathway with a railing. And beautiful views of the surrounding cliffs. You can see why rebuilding it is such a challenge. 

Here’s a view from the trail looking back toward Riomaggiore.

view toward Riomaggiore

Below are photos of a section of the old trail and the reconstruction. The smoke on the hillside is workers working on the stone hillside. Our guide told us they brought in experts from the Dolomites to do the work. 

In addition to rebuilding the trail itself, they’re also working to contain the cliffs above the trail to avoid future landslides. 

We arrived early for our reserved time slot and they let us join an earlier group because it wasn’t full. The ticket includes entry to the fortress at the top of the village, which is also worth a visit. 

via dell'Amore