Vatican Museums

The Vatican Museums were a river of humanity pouring through corridors of art, until we all ended up at the pool of the Sistine Chapel.

We bought tickets for the Vatican Museums for Monday at 13:00 because that’s when we could get them. Then it ended up raining, so the museums were even busier because other museums are closed that day. The line was huge when we got there but we got to skip it. The visit begins outdoors, where it thankfully wasn’t raining at the time. 

There is a section of animal sculpture that we liked. I somehow missed the camel when we were there in person.

Despite being elbow to elbow with lots of tour and school groups the museum is impressive. And at times odd. 

Egyptian statues

The corridor of maps was surprisingly interesting andbeautiful. 

The Raphael rooms are just before the Sistine Chapel, where photos are not allowed. 

It’s not all old art. There’s a section of more modern works. 

The hallways between the Sistine Chapel and the exit are filled with larger objects and cases of smaller pieces. And sprinkled with gift kiosks.

The spiral stair/ramp at the exit is quite something.