I considered staying at Varenna but chose Bellagio instead. Having been there, Varenna would also be a good base, especially if you were up for more challenging walks.

Our first stop in Varenna was the train station, so we know where we’re going when we leave the area. This cute dog must belong to someone who works there because we saw the dog both times we were there. 

cute dog

The ferry doesn’t stop in the village itself but a port area up the road. It’s a nice walk between the two. 

The village itself has a main square where there was a wedding going on, just one of many weddings we saw on this trip. 

The car ferry that runs mid-lake is much less frenetic than the passenger ferry we caught from Como. They run frequently, they’re brief, and there’s plenty of room for passengers. Our boat back to Bellagio stopped at Menaggio so we got a look at that. I’d wanted to stay at the hostel there buy could never find a room available.