Kalalau Valley overlook

Kokee is at the end of the road above Waimea Canyon. It’s almost full circle from the entrance to Na Pali Coast State Park and you can look down at the coast. We drove up there to attempt the Pihea-Alakai Swamp trail. The Pihea trail was messy and slippery so we only went about 3/4 … Read more

Waipoo Falls Hike

overlook into Waimea Canyon

The Waipoo Falls hike was more challenging than we expected though still manageable. And it has great views of the canyon and a small waterfall.  We thought this trail was going to be relatively level but it’s not. The first stretch is through forest and there are lots of tree roots in spots.  Then you … Read more

Waimea Canyon

Waimea Canyon overview

The Na Pali coast might be more recognizable from the movies but Waimea Canyon is equally beautiful. And a lot easier to get to.  We drove through Waimea Canyon twice while hiking. Even if you don’t hike it’s worth the scenic drive and overlooks. From some vantage points, you can see the ocean.  Waipoo Falls … Read more

Kauai South Shore

waving seal

The south shore of Kauai tends to be the sunnier side. We like the laidback Poipu area with its restaurants within walking distance. Or a short quiet drive. Day 1: North Shore to South Shore We had a leisurely start since our hosts said we didn’t have to be in a hurry to check out. … Read more

Na Pali Coast Hike

Na Pali coast through a tree

The Kalalau Trail on the Na Pali coast is a tricky and amazingly beautiful hike. We wanted to do this the last time we were here and couldn’t because of the wet weather. We got there around 10:00 AM and there was no parking so we parked in a suspect spot. And got a ticket. … Read more

Kauai North Shore

Hanalei Bay in rain and fog

The north shore of Kauai is rainy, misty, and dramatic with beautiful beaches and the entrance to the Na Pali coast. Day 1: Kailua-Kona to Kauai We had early coffee with the waves and the birds. And spinner dolphins! First a couple, then later about 30 of them. We thought they were fish or regular … Read more


cruise ship off the coast with palm tree

We had a relaxing couple of days in Kailua-Kona only slightly spoiled by bad weather but more than compensated for by some of the best snorkeling ever. Day 1: Volcano to Kailua-Kona Pumpkin raisin bread for breakfast. (We think.) We packed up and hit the scenic Chain of Craters Road in Volcanoes National Park. Then … Read more

Chain of Craters Road

green plants against lava

The Chain of Craters Road exceeded our expectations, and we have high expectations for scenic drives in national parks! The first part of the drive goes through desolate lava fields. As we got closer to the coast we started to see more plants among the lava. We then descended the pali, or cliffs, and could … Read more

Lava Viewing

lava flowing into the ocean

While in Hawaii we had the rare opportunity to see lava flowing into the sea. So we did! Do it if you get the chance. It’s mesmerizing. It was a four-hour hike each way to the lava. You can see the lava best, and it’s most dramatic, after dark. So the goal is to time … Read more

Kilauea Iki Hike

view into the crater from the rim

The Kilauea Iki hike goes down into a crater, across the barren floor, then up the other side. It’s starkly beautiful.  We hiked the loop clockwise on the recommendation of our hosts. It worked well for us since we went down the slope and came up using the stairs. It’s about 4 miles roundtrip.  From … Read more