sand and water

We thought Caye Caulker was laid back until we got to Placencia. Placencia is if anything even more sleepy than Caye Caulker. There seemed to be more tourist-oriented stores here. The crowd here trended older than the Caye Caulker, and the restaurants more mainstream. Day 1: Caye Caulker to Placencia Our trip to Placencia began … Read more

Caye Caulker: Snorkel Tour and Wildlife

illuminated conch shell

Our one outing from Caye Caulker was a full-day snorkel tour with Carlos Tours on a catamaran. I’d never been on a sailboat before and we wanted to try it. It was certainly quieter and more relaxing than a powerboat. Our first stop was at the coral gardens, where there were nice clumps of coral … Read more

Caye Caulker

View from the dock

We enjoyed Caye Caulker immensely. We spent the six days we were there in flip flops and swimsuits and while we had lots of great food, none of it was fussy or required dressing up, and it wasn’t hideously expensive. Day 1: Belize Zoo to Caye Caulker We began our trip to Caye Caulker by … Read more

Belize Zoo: More animals


Some more photos of the animals we saw at the Belize Zoo. We tried taking photos during the night tour but it’s much better in person.  Puma Spider monkey Jaguar Coatimundi Albino coatimundi Alligator Jabiru stork King vulture Feeding the tapir Kinkajou Margay Puma Ocelot Paca More about the Belize Zoo here More about our … Read more

Belize Zoo

turtle with interesting shell

The Belize Zoo is pretty cool and is not your typical zoo. All of the animals are indigenous and are rescue animals. They offer night tours to see the nocturnal animals. Day 1: Tobacco Caye to the Belize Zoo We were coming to the Belize Zoo from Tobacco Caye so we had a boat ride … Read more

Tobacco Caye: Sea and Sky


We never got tired of the sea and sky at Tobacco Caye. And we could see the rain coming from a long way out! It was amazing to watch the rays swim by from our over water bungalow.  More about Tobacco Caye here More about our Belize trip here

Tobacco Caye

view from our deck

There is NOTHING to do on Tobacco Caye but eat, sleep, play in or on the water, hang out at one of the two beach bars, or just plain hang out. Which is why we came here! Day 1: Bocawina Rainforest Lodge to Tobacco Caye Our trek to Tobacco Caye began with a 30-mile drive … Read more

Bocawina Walks

Antelope Falls

There are several trails on the grounds of the Bocawina resort and in the surrounding national park. You can tackle them on your own or with a guide.  We did the Antelope Falls hike to the base of the falls with Roberto who shared information on local plants and how they are traditionally used in … Read more

Bocawina Rainforest Resort

colorful mural

The Bocawina Rainforest Resort is a painless way to get a taste of the rainforest. It’s easy to get to, the lodgings are comfortable, the food is superb, and the staff are friendly and welcoming. And it’s not expensive, as many eco-lodges are.  Day 1: Home to Belize The excitement started before the trip even … Read more