Trastevere was a more relaxed corner of Rome.

For our last day in Rome we walked across the Tiber over to Trastevere, just to walk around. 

Tiber River

The streets were narrow and picturesque and there were fewer crowds. Though plenty of people lined up for lunch!

We got a kick out of these octagonal kiosks with ATMs. A gazebo with an ATM! Earlier in the week we spent a while waiting for a car to leave so we could take a photo, only to discover that it was parking next to it. 

octagonal kiosk

We had no particular goal in mind but headed in the direction of the Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere. 

Once there we decided we might as well go inside. 

Steve noticed modern wiring cleverly trying to hide behind a pretend stone stair riser. 

Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere interior wiring

We stumbled on Otaleg — gelato spelled backwards — a place we’d seen on TV. So we tried it out for pistachio and coffee-flavored gelato. Then we found Da Enzo and had lunch there after waiting in line for a while. 

building with corner balcony