Minnesota to North Dakota

Theodore Roosevelt National Park makes a nice stopover on the way to Glacier National Park.

Day 1: Walker, Minnesota to Medora, North Dakota

This is our first time in North Dakota, which is a lot like South Dakota: flat farmland in the east, badlands and a few hills in the west. We appreciated the wood chipper at the Fargo rest area and the Fargo Brewing Company Wood Chipper IPA. (If you’ve seen the movie Fargo you’ll understand.)

We saw a prairie dog town near the freeway and mule deer in downtown Medora. 

Medora was a surprise. We were expecting a string of businesses along a highway and got a cute little tourist town instead. A little crowded on Saturday when we arrived; quieter on Sunday. 

Day 2: Theodore Roosevelt National Park (South Unit)

We spent two nights in Medora so we’d have a day to explore Theodore Roosevelt National Park’s South Unit. After that we went to Boots Bar and Grill to eat and explored the bookstore associated with where we stayed. If you are interested in the history of the American west this would be a great stop. My dad would have loved it.


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Amble Inn, Medora, ND

At the Amble Inn we had a pleasant, quiet room behind a bookstore with a nice place to sit outside in between the two. Nice western touches. Right “downtown” Medora, walking distance to everything.


Boots Bar & Grill
Medora, North Dakota
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Good bison burger and steak and cheese sandwich. Good beer selection.


We drove our own car. A lot of the roads we drove were two-lane highways. There wasn’t much traffic and speed limits were generally 65-70 mph so traffic moved along. There are long distances between towns so don’t let the gas tank get too empty. And long distances between rest areas too! There is only one gas station in Medora and it looked so inconvenient we got back on the freeway to Belfield to fill up.