The Uffizi

"Uffizi" is ancient Italian for "offices." I can't imagine working in an office this ornate. I might just stare at the ceiling all day. Wait, I do that now ...

The Uffizi is a great museum experience because they only allow a set number of people in at a time, reducing crowding. It also has great signage, so it’s easy to navigate. And of course the art is great. There’s a small sample below, including a couple of Botticellis, a da Vinci, and a Michelangelo. 

There is also classical sculpture scattered around. As with many museums in Italy, the building itself is often as interesting (or more interesting) than the art. These are just some of the examples of ceilings in the Uffizi. 

There was a special display of statues showing movement. We now know where John Travolta got his dance moves. 

I thought this looked familiar. This is a copy of Laocoön. We saw the original in the Vatican Museums too. 

Laocoon statue

They also had a special section of self-portraits. It included famous versions and modern works. We especially liked the one on the right, that shows the painter painting his self-portrait.

The Uffizi is right downtown and there are interesting views from the windows.