The Pantheon

The Pantheon was about 5 minutes walk from our hotel and we were able to fit it in the first afternoon we arrived.

Buying tickets for the Pantheon was confusing. Official tickets could be bought ahead only 30 days beforehand. I was impatient so I bought them elsewhere and we had to walk past the Pantheon to get them. We could have avoided walking the extra distance to get Pantheon tickets and saved the audio guide, which we didn’t even pick up. It was a nice walk anyway and we didn’t have to wait at the Pantheon. The crowds outside were typical all over Rome while we were there. 

The entrance doors are large and imposing. 

Once inside the ceiling is the star, for me at least. It’s one big dome. That’s an actual hole in the middle of the roof. 

The rest of the interior is stately. 

The exterior is massive. Unusually, those columns are solid. Usually they’re made of stacked donut shapes.