The Nazrid Palaces at the Alhambra

Near the entrance to the Nazrid Palaces is a good view over to the Generalife.

Alhambra tickets and logistics

The Alhambra is huge and a variety of tickets are available. We purchased the 72-hour version of the Granada Card which included all parts of the Alhambra, several other local sights, and nine bus trips. We didn't see all the sights (we hit most of them) or use all the bus trips and still felt it convenient and cost effective. To see the Nazrid Palaces (which you should) you need to choose a date and time as access is limited. We found the Love Granada website very useful in planning our visit to Granada.

The ceilings were definitely not afterthoughts.

One of the rooms opening onto the lion court.

room at palace

Some examples of wall and window details.

Arch and wall details.

The famous lion court.

Arches upon arches, in different shapes.

Also lots of lacy domes.

This very detailed room with a view is breathtaking.

In some cases you needed to lean into a nook to see what was there.

The roof of the baths, and the room where Washington Irving stayed when he was there.

Some courtyard views, including some of the most detailed pruning we saw.

The gardens included examples of pools designed to reflect nearby structures. They spill into the areas connecting the different buildings.