The Narrows Hike

We’d planned to hike the Narrows, a unique hike in a river, but due to the likelihood of flash floods, we only crossed the river once and turned back.

The first part of the hike is the Riverside Walk, a paved and mostly flat walk next to the Virgin River. It’s a pretty walk, and easy.

Then the fun begins. The Riverside Walk ends at the river. The Narrows trail is a hike in the river. We had to try this unique hike. We had dry bags to keep our stuff dry in case of falls. We tested out our Teva water sandals with socks in the lake before we left home, to make sure they would work. We were ready!

Unfortunately, the day we were there flash floods were “probable” and the hike was not recommended. Most people didn’t go. We did just the first river crossing to a sandbar on the opposite side just to try hiking in the river and get a glimpse up the trail. Then we came back. 

Flash floods around here aren’t a joke. It might not be raining where you are, but if it’s raining up in the mountains it will cause trouble down below. Several experienced hikers died in a flooded slot canyon while we were there. 

We missed the excitement of the river hike but the parts of the canyon we did see were still beautiful.