The Mezquita Interior

The cathedral itself is awesome. There I used that word and I really mean it! Go see it.

The only pictures I’d seen were of the central area where there are repeated red and white striped arches but there is so much more to the building. The perimeter is much like other cathedrals we’ve seen with small chapels around the edge. But the combination of Christian and Arabic style architecture and the main altar area and the choir in the middle are stunning. And it’s huge. It’s definitely worth a trip to Cordoba just to see it. (Tickets for the bell tower are sold separately. Access to the courtyard is free.)

These are eight different smaller domes we saw. The two photos at the end are of the same dome, from different vantage points. 

The repetition and variation of the arches is dizzying.

There are also arched windows and arched doorways.

As we saw all over Spain, the ceilings can be just as elaborate as the walls.

It’s fascinating to see how they blended the architectural styles where the older mosque blends with the newer cathedral.

Much of the cathedral area is light and bright, in contrast to the rest of the interior.

We saw a lot of choir stalls and these were some of the most intricate.

glass floor over crypt
There's a glass floor so you can see into the crypt below.

There isn’t a lot of stained glass in the Mezquita because there aren’t a lot of windows. Those that are there make interesting effects.

Some of the treasures on display, including a very old — and functioning — clock.

Some of the different types of columns used.

elaborate woodworking
It looked like this piece was something used in processions.