The (Rest of) the Alhambra

The alcazaba was okay but fairly boring especially in the rain. We also did a quick run through the small museum because we weren't sure how long it was going to take and we needed to get in line for the palaces.

It’s a long walk from the Generalife to the alcazaba and the Nazrid Palaces. It’s nicely landscaped and their are ruins of what was once a town along the way. Also one of the few cats we saw. 

smaller outbuilding

Alhambra tickets and logistics

The Alhambra is huge and a variety of tickets are available. We purchased the 72-hour version of the Granada Card which included all parts of the Alhambra, several other local sights, and nine bus trips. We didn't see all the sights (we hit most of them) or use all the bus trips and still felt it convenient and cost effective. To see the Nazrid Palaces (which you should) you need to choose a date and time as access is limited. We found the Love Granada website very useful in planning our visit to Granada.

In and near the alcazaba are nice overviews of the city and surrounding mountains.

The museum is a newer building. No one is quite sure what’s up with the circular structure, or whether it was meant to have a roof. If you need to skip part of the Alhambra, this is the part to skip. 

The gardens here are between the alcazaba and the palaces.

flowering trees
We had a long time to enjoy these trees. It was still difficult to get a photo of them without people in clashing red shirts nearby.

More of the beautiful gardens surrounding the buildings.

Some very linear water gardens.