The Accademia

L'Accademia is of course all about Michelangelo's David. I liked the unfinished works too, and the musical instruments were surprisingly delightful.

The Accademia is another museum that you can purchase advance tickets with a timed entry. While the entrance was cramped — it’s right off a narrow city street — it was well-organized. They had our time slot line up on the opposite sidewalk, then shift sideways once we were up. 

Once inside and through security, the David is down the main corridor. I remember this from my last visit in 1983, though I recall there being more unfinished works along the way. 

The David is impressive even when mobbed. (You can tell when they let another wave of visitors in.) Sculpture fascinates me; the idea that someone can chip away from rock to create something. That’s why I’m glad they include the unfinished work. 

There is other art there too, including Rape of the Sabine Women and a “storage room” of full-size statues, busts, models, and the occasional painting. It’s worth wandering through. 

statue room

We also checked out the musical instrument section, in another part of the museum. The was surprisingly fun and gave new meaning to the term “upright piano.” The art in that area is paintings of musicians.