We saw several types of temples while rambling around Singapore. All were beautifully detailed.

Buddha Tooth Relic

The Buddha Tooth Relic temples was right down the street from our hotel so we saw it daily. I think it’s the first multi-floor temple we’ve seen. 

These statues flanked the entrance. 

The interior was glowing. There were chants going on. It looked like they were led by a monk in the front with monks (people in robes) on one side of the aisle and lay people (wearing normal clothes) on the other. The setup reminded us of bingo 

Through the arches on either side was another lovely room. We did not go to any of the upper floors. 

temple interior

Sri Mariamman

This Hindu temple was also in Chinatown near our hotel, so we passed it multiple times during our visit. The colors were very different from what we’d seen on Buddhist temples. The last picture is of the temple ceiling. It was so well done I still don’t know if it was 3D or painted to look that way. 

Thian Hock Keng

We saw this temple while following the Chinatown neighborhood walk in Lonely Planet Singapore. The two temples above are also on that walk. We liked the pagoda roof and the pastel colors. Since the temple is hemmed in by other buildings it’s difficult to get a look at the outside. The interior had covers over the exterior walkways also. 

We saw the remaining temples and mosques while following the Little India neighborhood walk in Lonely Planet Singapore.

Sakya Muni Buddha Gaya

This smaller streetside temple had a spire that reminded us of a hamburger with an ice cream cone stuck in it.

Leong San See

Across the street is another temple set back with a courtyard. The interior is ornate and in places reminded us of an antique store. 

Sri Veeramakaliamman & Sri Srinivasa Perumal

We passed both of these Hindu temples on our walk. I honestly don’t know which photos are of which temple. The exteriors were similarly colored and detailed. 


We also walked past these two mosques, one modern and one Victorian influenced.