Vatican Museums

Vatican Museum ceiling

The Vatican Museums were a river of humanity pouring through corridors of art, until we all ended up at the pool of the Sistine Chapel.

Villa Borghese

fancy room with statues

We read “If you only have time for one art gallery in Rome, make it this one.” So we did. Plus the Vatican Museums.

Palazzo Davanzati

Renaissance wall treatment

Palazzo Davanzati is a hidden jewel in Florence. It was quiet, cool, and showed a slice of Renaissance life.

Bargello Museum

lion statue

The Bargello might not be as well-known as the Uffizi and the Accademia but I remember enjoying the sculptures when I was here in 1983 and we enjoyed the museum.

Duomo Museum

Pieta statue

The Duomo itself might not be worth the wait to get inside, but the Duomo museum (Opera del Duomo) had no wait and WAS interesting.

The Accademia

David statue

L’Accademia is of course all about Michelangelo’s David. I liked the unfinished works too, and the musical instruments were surprisingly delightful.

The Uffizi

red walls with paintings

“Uffizi” is ancient Italian for “offices.” I can’t imagine working in an office this ornate. I might just stare at the ceiling all day. Wait, I do that now …



Our must-dos in Madrid were the art museums, the Palacio Real, and the El Rastro flea market. It’s also conveniently located for day trips. We made two, to Toledo and Segovia.