Caprock Coulee Hike

petrified tree and river view

The Caprock Coulee trail is a great day hike through the badlands of North Dakota, offering overviews, rock formations, and wildlife opportunities. We had a day to spend at the North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt State Park and planned to start by hiking the Buckhorn Train to a prairie dog town. Until we met him … Read more

St Mary Falls Hike

sun on St Mary Lake

The St Mary Falls trail is not just about the falls. You also get great views of St Mary Lake.  St Mary Falls was the last hike we did in Glacier. While parking wasn’t as tight here as with our other hikes we still had to park at Sunrift Gorge and cover some trail we’d … Read more

Hidden Lake Overlook Hike

mountain peak with glaciers

The Hidden Lake Overlook trail is a beautiful and easy hike through alpine meadows to a small pond and a … hidden lake. As with the Highline trail, which also starts at Logan Pass, it’s hard to get a parking space for this hike. We did both on the same day to save getting up … Read more

Highline Hike

mountain valley

The first part of this trail is easy if you don’t mind heights and is a good way to get off the road. And possibly see some wildlife, as we did.  One of the hardest things about this hike is getting parking space! We got up at 5:00 to get a space at Logan Pass … Read more

Avalanche Lake Hike

Avalanche Lake

The hike to Avalanche Lake is very popular. It’s a relatively easy hike through the woods to a beautiful lake and it’s about 5 miles round trip.  Because it’s so popular parking is at a premium. We got up around 6:30 so we could be out the door around 8:00. We scored a parking spot … Read more

Blue Ridge Parkway: Blowing Rock to Floyd

mountains and clouds

This middle stretch of the Blue Ridge Parkway spans North Carolina and Virginia. As you head north the mountains get less rugged and the valleys between them wider. Blowing Rock looked like a nice little town, from what we could see through the fog and with most of the businesses closed for the pandemic. Our … Read more

Bocawina Walks

Antelope Falls

There are several trails on the grounds of the Bocawina resort and in the surrounding national park. You can tackle them on your own or with a guide.  We did the Antelope Falls hike to the base of the falls with Roberto who shared information on local plants and how they are traditionally used in … Read more