Sequoia Resort & RV Park

There aren't many places to stay near Sequoia & Kings Canyon. We chose a cabin in the Sequoia Resort and RV Park.

The resort has a small lake or pond, which we had a view of from our deck. It was a peaceful place to spend a few days. 

Besides the pond we saw the odd cow, turkey, and other wildlife. There are four cabins of different sizes plus space for RV camping. 

our cabin
The studio cabin we stayed in.

One day we took a stroll down to the lake and up to the water tank for the view. It was a fairly vigorous stroll given all the hills. More wildflowers; we decided we need to grow California poppies again.

Steve has identified some of the local birds: a western king bird, mountain chickadee, acorn woodpecker, scrub jay, California quail. (Not pictured in that order.)