Sentinel Falls

The shuttle stop for Sentinel Falls is #11, Four Mile Trail. You can also get nice views of Yosemite Falls from there.

We’d seen signs for a Swinging Bridge and wanted to check it out, and we hadn’t seen Sentinel Falls yet. We actually ended up with some great views of Yosemite Falls too.

Yosemite Falls
We liked this view of Yosemite Falls through the trees, with the river and the dogwoods.

The photos really show how high the Merced River was at that point. The bridge was still open but the trail was flooded.

Yosemite Falls
You could really see the mist from Yosemite Falls that day.

We had way too much fun taking photos of the falls reflecting on the river in between the trees. 

Oh, and here’s Sentinel Falls, one of the things we stopped to see!