Selvatura Adventure Park

Selvatura Adventure Park offers a rare opportunity to walk in the treetops. And to zipline through them like we did the last time we were here.

We enjoyed our time at Selvatura. The bridges and hiking were pretty much like we remembered. It’s still a kick walking around in the treetops.

The different foliage textures are fascinating. As is looking down at the tops of trees. 

There aren’t many flowers in the cloud forest. But those that are really stand out. 

‘t super busy but there was a semi annoying group of young people ahead of us that were finding it funny to shake and rock the hanging bridges while other people were on them. We kind of forgave them later when they found a quetzal that we got to look at.

All in all it was a nice relaxing couple of hours. Then we had some minor excitement trying to work out how the shuttle back worked. Pretty much you just had to wait for the right shuttle to show up with a list with your name on it. But we didn’t know that. And it looked like there were a lot of people waiting for a shuttle and we wanted to be sure we got on it.

You can read about our first trip to Selvatura, when we also went ziplining, here.