Queen’s Garden Hike

The Queen's Garden trail is a relatively painless way to get up close to some hoo-doos.

This is not a terribly difficult hike. It was fairly steep to start, then leveled out. 

Alligator Ridge
Do you see an alligator?

At the beginning of the hike you’re level with the tops of hoo-doos.

As you continue down into the canyon you start getting closer to the hoo-doos.

Including the queen hoo-doo herself.

From there on it’s all about the hoo-doos.

We went through a few doorways.

And saw more creatively growing trees.

In addition to the endless variety of hoo-doo shapes, there is also a range of colors.

We’d originally planned to hike out through Sunset Point on the Navajo Trail but the threat of rain had us turn back the way we came. We did drive over there and hike down the Navajo Trail a little. It’s almost surreal looking down at it.

Here’s one last look at some hoo-doos.