The village was picturesque, maybe not worth the £17 entry fee but it was cute and it gave us a destination.

We walked to Portmeirion from Porthmadog. The walk takes you across the Cob embankment then across the peninsula on the other side. We made it a little more difficult on ourselves than we had to by following the green wooden signs once we got to the opposite peninsula. They led to a footpath that was perhaps the right path but was narrower and more overgrown than the bridal path that looked like an old road. So we took that way coming back.

Portmeirion itself is a surreal bit of Italy on the Welsh coast. It was the setting for the 1967 series The Prisoner (which I barely remember). It’s certainly pretty and was a good destination for a walk.

On the way back we had to detour around a couple of hippie cows (aka highland cattle) that were standing right in front of a gate that we had to pass through. So we waited for them both to move to one side and then slowly and cautiously made our way to and through the gate. The cows watched us but didn’t look super interested.