Playa Conchal and Playa Brasilito

Playa Conchal is pretty. Playa Brasilito is not but is necessary to get to Playa Conchal. Unless you’re staying in the pricy resort right on Playa Conchal. Which we were not. 

Playa Brasilito serves mostly as a way to get to and from Playa Conchal. Though we did see some surfers there and it would be fine for walking. 

Playa Brasilito was like I pictured it; Playa Conchal had much more parking and vendors than I was expecting. It looks like renting chairs and shade are possible. Also jetskis and 4 wheelers. Lots of people offering massage. It was really hot, though there was some shade under the trees. 

The beach is crushed shell rather than crushed rock. The first day we were there we saw something in the water that might have been fins, or flippers, or a log. The beach was relaxed, despite the vendors yesterday. A bird pooped on Steve so he went swimming. He was glad he had a hat on. There was a cute dog nearby. People playing soccer on the beach. The shade under the trees was nice.

Our second day at the beach we hung out until about noon. Waves were coming all the way up into the trees. They surprised some people, getting them and their stuff wet. We also saw people get knocked over in the surf and pushed up the beach.