Past View Tour

The Past View tour is an interesting combination of virtual reality and tour guide. We combined the city tour with a trip to the top of Las Setas.

They called us because we were late and we explained that we were there but apparently there are two archaeological areas under the mushrooms, where we were told the tour began. And we were looking for a person rather than a desk. Thankfully another member of the tour happened to hear us on the phone and she had already checked in so she was able to walk us over to where the desk was. So if you do a tour with Past View, know that they have their own desk next to the ticket desk for Las Setas (the mushrooms).

The tour itself was interesting. It started by going up onto the roof of the mushrooms which has an excellent view over Seville.

Then we took a walk through the city to see some of the major sights. The tour was a little disjointed because apparently there were some kind of difficulties and so the three of us English speakers were led by the Italian tour guide who confessed her English was not that great and she was trying to improve it. She did a fine job and she probably learned some English as we helped her with vocabulary. The concept of combining virtual reality with a tour guide was interesting and it made a nice change from a traditional tour.

snail sculpture
This snail sculpture on a building downtown is famous. For being famous?
rectangular hedge
This shrub was pruned so it can be used as a projection screen.
We heard lots of parrots and finally got a good look at a couple.

The tour went right by the cathedral, where one of tour members left to take a tour of the cathedral. She was traveling on her own, having just finished working on a film in the Canary Islands.

The tour ended near the Triana neighborhood.