Palazzo Davanzati

Palazzo Davanzati is a hidden jewel in Florence. It was quiet, cool, and showed a slice of Renaissance life.

We visited Palazzo Davanzati because we had time and the ticket was included with our Bargello cumulative ticket. We didn’t know what to expect but were glad we went out of the way. The museum is set up like a Florentine merchant’s home, which it was. 

There was more than one carved table. In the one on the left, the other side is not nearly as detailed. 

The bedroom included an old reading rest plus an early example of an ensuite bathroom. 

Some of the fixtures looked like something out of Hogwarts. There was display regarding a company that specialized in reproduction Renaissance furniture that purchased and restored the palace. 

The rooms were organized around a central stairwell. Luckily there was also a modern elevator for us lazy folk!